How do we pack an item?

How do we pack an item?

We take seriously every step of precaution when packing an item.
This is to ensure that the item is in perfect condition when you receive it.
Your item condition is our top priority.

Step 1: Picking your ordered product directly from Warehouse

Step 2: Apply bubble wrap ; (Black film for Sea Cargo**) before put into the box

Step 3: Your item will be sealed with a brown box and/or Toy Garden printed brown box

Step 4: Your item is ready to ship now! Awaiting courier for pick up...

Step 5: You've received your parcel in good condition! Don't forget to leave us a review.


Important Notes to All Box Collectors:

We understand your concern about receiving the goods in perfect condition.

But sometimes we cannot control how the courier service handles the items during delivery.

Therefore we have made up an extra protection plan for all box collectors.

You may choose to add-on extra bubble wrap, fragile stickers, black stretch film, and/or plastic edge corners.


However, we still cannot guarantee 100% of undamaged boxes during delivery.

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