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(PRE-ORDER) Motor Nuclear Zhao Yun & White Dragon Horse Assembly Model Kits 摩动核 天佑星-龙胆虎将-赵云·玉兰白龙驹 ”骁勇“级超可动拼装

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Product Name: Motor Nuclear Zhao Yun & White Dragon Horse Assembly Model Kits 摩动核 天佑星-龙胆虎将-赵云·玉兰白龙驹 ”骁勇“级超可动拼装

Brand: Motor Nuclear

Product Information:

Material: Alloy, ETC

Approximately Item Height: 41cm

Item included:

Zhao Yun Model Kit x 1

White Dragon Horse Model Kit x 1


【English Version】

🔸 This product is a pre-painted alloy skeleton assembly kit, which includes "Star Soul General Zhao Yun" and "Star General Beast Yulan White Dragon Horse";

🔸 The new finished-grade alloy skeleton supports bionic ultra-mobility. Both Zhao Yun and Yulan White Dragon Horse have bionic integrated skeletons, with Yulan White Dragon Horse featuring a multi-layer inner structure. The assembled Zhao Yun and Yulan White Dragon Horse weigh over 1600g

🔸 Zhao Yun's height is approximately 26cm; in riding mode, the height is 35cm, and when leaping, it reaches up to 41cm;

🔸 The dragon head helmet, dragon claw shoulders, dragon claw side skirts, back wings, and the approximately 39cm long mech-style "Dragon Gallant Silver Spear" and "Qinggang Sword" help "Zilong" charge through enemies;

🔸 The Yulan White Dragon Horse, adorned with new special effects, boasts superior articulation surpassing the "Chi Flame Dragon Horse." It features mech-refined Chinese tassels and can achieve three forms—complete horse form, saddled form, and riding form—through saddle replacement parts!

【Chinese Version】

🔸 该产品为预涂装合金骨架拼装产品,内容物内包含“星魂将赵云”与“星将兽玉兰白龙驹”;

🔸 全新成品级合金骨架支持的仿生超可动,赵云与玉兰白龙驹均为仿生一体骨架,玉兰白龙驹更拥有多层内构动力结构。拼装赵云·玉兰白龙驹总重超过1600g

🔸 赵云高度约26cm;乘骑模式下,高度35cm,跃起最高41cm;

🔸 龙头盔、龙爪肩、龙爪侧裙甲、背后翼翎、约39厘米长的机甲风格“龙胆亮银枪”与“青釭剑”,助力“子龙”七进七出;

🔸 全新特效件装点的玉兰白龙驹拥有超越“赤焰火龙驹”的超强可动,中式流苏的机甲化提炼呈现,还可通过马鞍替换件,可实现完整马形态、配鞍形态与骑乘形态3种形态!

Open the box, unlock new "Zhao Yun & White Dragon Horse" character, and make your collection even more colorful and vibrant!


** Due to different measurement methods, the measurement results will have an error of 1-3cm, which belongs to the normal range

** Due to the influence of lighting, display screen, camera and other factors, the picture will be slightly different from the real object. The picture size is for reference only, and the specific object shall prevail.