Bandai Vital Bracelet Characters Ultraman Set 55th Edition

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To commemorate the 55th anniversary of the Ultraman series, "Vital Bracelet Characters Ultraman 55th Edition", which is a set of "VBM Card Ultra 6 Brothers" limited to this product, is now available. You can also manage the characters you have raised by using the dedicated app "Vital Bracelet Characters Lab".


The character's change branch changes depending on the vital value, win rate, and the number of missions completed. You can also change the breeding character by inserting an optional VBM card.


* The main body of Vital Bracelet Characters will be the same as the one included in the "Vital Bracelet Characters Kamen Rider Set" scheduled to be released in December.

* The Vital Bracelet Characters main unit has the same program specifications as the Vital Bracelet Characters main unit included in the "Vital Bracelet Characters Ultraman 55th Edition" and "Vital Bracelet Characters Kamen Rider 50th Edition".

* The arm circumference is approximately 16 cm to 21 cm.

* "VBM Card" is not guaranteed to be linked with "Vital Bracelet Digital Monster" and "Vital Bracelet DigiVice -V-".

* The app "Vital Bracelet Lab" is not supported.


    • The nurture and evolve of Ultraman by vital value is according to the user's activity data such as heart rate and steps.
    • Auto-battle will be activated by touching a VITAL BRACELET on an IC device that emits radio waves such as a smartphone.
    • The winning rate of battles changes depending on the activity status of users and the mentality of Ultraman, and it also affects the development and evolution of Ultraman.
    • VITAL BRACELET was able to link with a dedicated smartphone app. User activity records, daily missions can be added, and cultivated Ultraman can be registered in the Ultraman Encyclopedia on the app.
    • The app is scheduled to be updated in the future, and it will be possible to browse online battles with users nationwide. Take part in Raid Battle to defeat enemies in cooperation with multiple users, and rankings.
    • The evolution of Ultraman depends on the vital value, winning rate, and the number of missions completed.
    • You can enjoy the evolution of your own Ultraman through the daily users activities.
  • VBM card
    • The "VBM Card" series (sold separately) is an interlocking item that expands the play of this product.
    • By linking the "VBM Card" to the " VITAL BRACELET", you can unlock new areas and expand the types of Ultraman that can be nurtured.
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