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Bandai Tamashii Chogokin XL-15 Spaceship with 2 Figures and 1 Giant Robot (63461)

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- [Buzz Lightyear] The main character, Buzz Lightyear's favorite machine, [XL-15 SPACE SHIP] has been commercialized as a [Chogokin] that uses abundant die casting! The same scale figures of Zerg and Buzz are also included!

- From the single movie [Buzz Lightyear] depicting the adventures of Buzz Lightyear, the fighter [XL-15 SPACE SHIP] on which Buzz Lightyear is on board is commercialized in Chogokin.

- The realistic texture is reproduced by the fine painting expression and the die-cast exterior of the body that is luxuriously adopted.

- Buzz Lightyear's favorite machine [XL-15] starts with a large volume of about 240 mm in front length!

- Luxurious specifications with abundant paint expression on the alloy body !!

- Abundant alloy parts are used for the body. (* The green part in the image is the assumed die-cast part.) If you equip the landing gear, you can reproduce the parked state.

- By using a dedicated pedestal, you can display the image of flight conditions.

- The cockpit is also finely painted. It is possible to board a Minifigure of [Buzz Lightyear].

- Adopts fine marking and coloring on the backside. A scaled [Zerg] figure and a standing figure and a cockpit boarding figure [Buzz Lightyear] are also included to create a decorative pattern that resembles the scale in the play.



[Set content]

- Main body

- Landing gear

- Two types of Buzz Lightyear figure

- Zerg figure

- Dedicated pedestal