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Bandai [Kyokai Senki / Boundary Fighter] Full Mechanics 1/48 Meiles Kenbu Zan (63395)

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The main character of the second part of "Kyoukai Senki," MAILeS Kenbu ZAN, has joined Bandai's FULL Mechanics model-kit lineup! This robot features a mechanical design that makes it not only highly efficient in battle, but also easy to maintain and highly durable. It comes with its large super-heated combat long sword, which can be placed on the weapons rack on its back. The cannon on its arm can be removed, and the chest structure that mimics that of the human body reproduces the expansion and contraction movement. The cockpit can be opened and closed. Metallic parts reproduce the distinctive look of their joints, and the metallic 3D seals reproduce the texture of the sensor molds on their limbs!



Super heat-shaking battle long sword

40mm arm cannon

Weapon rack

Interchangeable hands: flat hands (left and right), weapon-holding hands (left and right)

Pilot figure (x2 types)

Metallic 3D stickers

Marking stickers