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Bandai HGUC MS-14JG Gelgoog Jager Gelgoog J (60955)

SPU: M-00208
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- The head unit is connected via a double-jointed neck (a ball joint at the top and a hinge at the bottom), which allows rotation, up/down, and forward/backward movement.

- Shoulder joints allow the arms to be raised upwards until they are parallel to the ground.

- Elbows and knees can bend up to 90 degrees.

- Front waist armor can swing upwards while the side waist armor can be raised slightly.

- Propellant tanks on the back are each connected via a peg, allowing slight rotation.



Weapons & Other Gimmicks

- The model can wield the Large Beam Machine Gun using the provided trigger-finger hand. The open-palm left hand can be used for additional support.




- Gelgoog Jäger

- Large Beam Machine Gun

- Trigger-finger hand (right only)

- Open-palm hand (left only)

- Weapon-holding hand (left only)