Bandai 1/1 Gunpla-Kun DX Set (With Runner Ver. Recreation Parts) (65118)

SPU: BD-65118
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Gunpla-kun is here in color! Gunpla-kun is made of LIMEX -- a new material that combines environmental consideration with the fun of plastic model kits! LIMEX ia a new eco-friendly material that contains more than 50 percent limestone as the main raw material, greatly reducing the use of conventional petroleum-derived plastics. This is the first time in history that LIMEX has been molded in full color! You can build Gunpla-kun into a full figure as shown here, or you can assemble him partially with some of the parts still on the runners and display him that way! He comes with his familiar armaments, such as the beam rifle, beam saber and shield.



Runner parts


Beam saber

Beam rifle


Base for display

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