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WWE Luke Harper Elite Series 29 Action Figure

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Capture the blowout action of WWE Superstars with this collection! Featuring all of the WWE's biggest personalities and Champions, these bold and colourful figures come ready to wreak havoc right out of the box! Each has deluxe articulation, detailed character expressions, authentic ring attire and iconic accessories like masks, armbands, signature t-shirts, coats, and robes. Get these WWE Elite Collection figures and let the battles begin!

Luke Harper - WWE Elite 29 WWE Toy Wrestling Action Figure by Mattel!

If you see Luke Harper and his Wyatt Family brethren coming, you better "RUN!" The Wyatt family made its debut with the monstrous Luke Harper & Erick Rowan brutally taking down the "Big Red Monster," Kane.
Harper and crew not only attempted to destroy Kane, but also viciously attacked CM Punk and Daniel Bryan because "the devil made" them do it.
A man of few words, Harper displays primal fury in his eyes and speaks through onslaught of brutality in the ring.
The WWE Universe is standing by to see what Harper and the Wyatt Family will do next.

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