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WWE Erick Rowan Elite Series 29 Action Figure

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Erick Rowan - WWE Elite 29 WWE Toy Wrestling Action Figure by Mattel!

Creeping onto the scene from the nightmarish deep, dark woods, Erick Rowan came to the attention of the WWE Universe as part of the eerie Wyatt Family.
Clearly displaying animalistic tendencies, Rowan, along with fellow family member Luke Harper, annihilated Kane in their disturbing debut.
It sent a clear message to the WWE Universe that the Wyatts were a twisted force to be reckoned with.
Standing at almost 7-feet tall, the red-bearded Rowan enters the ring with a creepy lamb mask, instilling fear in anyone who dares set foot in the ring with him.
Led by enigmatic Bray Wyatt, there's no telling what damage this depraved clan will unleash on the WWE Universe.

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