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WWE Damien Sandow Elite Series 29 Action Figure

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Damien Sandow - WWE Elite 29 WWE Toy Wrestling Action Figure by Mattel!

With sophistication, academic prowess and a superior level of refinement, Damien Sandow has graced the WWE Universe with his brand of intellectual enlightenment, while also gaining serious momentum in the ring.
His partnership with Cody Rhodes to form the "Rhodes Scholars" duo eventually led them to Money in the Bank 2013, where the two competed for the coveted briefcase.
Sandow, in a brain-scrambling twist of events, pushed Rhodes from the ladder to grab the briefcase and gain an opportunity at the World Heavyweight Championship.
That perceived betrayal led to a series of revenge attacks by Rhodes on Sandow.
Despite many failed attempts to rise to the top and end the "Cena Era," Sandow still endeavors to prove that brains are more powerful than brawn.
Yet, when you see him in the ring, he certainly brings the brawn.

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