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Transformers Generations Voyager Class Roadbuster Figure

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Ask this Autobot who his greatest enemy is and he won't name a Decepticon. He'll say it's boredom. To him, there's simply nothing more entertaining than turning a few Decepticons into a smoldering pile of scrap – and he never misses a chance to pursue his favorite pastime. Few Autobots are more eager to hurl themselves into combat, and fewer still have accomplished more on the field of battle.

Gear up for triple Transformers action with this awesome 2-in-1 Roadbuster figure! This crazy Autobot can launch a massive attack at his Autobot enemies in robot mode with his customizable weapons. But if the mission calls for a big, pounding attack, he can convert to tank mode! Keep converting him back and forth so his enemies can't keep up!

Includes figure.

Product Features:
·Incredible 2-in-1 Roadbuster figure
·Converts from robot mode to tank mode
·Customizable weapons

Series 2 008 Roadbuster

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