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Super Alloy 1/6th Scale Avengers Iron Man Mark 7 and Hall of Armor

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Play Imaginative Super Alloy 1/6th Scale Avengers Mark VII Diecast Figure and Hall of Armor set

The Super Alloy Hall of Armor is where Tony Stark houses his Iron Man suits. Featuring 5 different lighting modes activated by remote control, it allows for ease of use within any display cabinet. With a die-cast metal back interior and base, the Hall of Armor weighs approximately 3.6kg.

When the Iron Man Mark 7 is positioned in the Hall of Armor, magnetised feet automatically activate lighting mode 5 for an impressive display.

Iron Man Mark 7:

- Comprises of at least 88% die-cast metal alloy
- Die-cast metal mask, torso, arms, & legs
- Battery operated lights for ARC Reactor, eyes & palm areas (batteries included)
- Magnetised feet automatically activate
- Hall of Armor lights when placed in position
- Armored figurine with 50 points of articulation
- Ball-jointed shoulders for full range of arm movements
- Double-jointed body, bendable at upper torso
- Fully articulated hands and fingers
- Comes with a figure stand
- Packaging artwork by Adi Granov

Super Alloy Hall of Armor:
- Approx. Dimensions: 24.9cm(W) x 19.1cm(D) x 41.4cm(H)
- Approx. Weight: 3.6kg
- Die-cast metal back interior & base
- Battery operated lights for side, top, back & base areas (batteries included)
- 5 different lighting modes to choose from
- Infrared remote control operates lights for ease of control within display cabinet
- Lighting mode 5 automatically activated by magnetised feet in Iron Man figure when placed in position
- Magnetic sides, top and base allow multiple Halls of Armor to connect with and stack on top of each other
- Magnetic waist clamp to hold the Iron Man figure in position

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