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Sentinel Metal Gear Solid V iDROID iPhone 5/5S Casing

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  • Release Date: Oct 2014
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Sentinel MGS5 Iphone 5/5S Casing

From the hit video game [METAL GEAR SOLID V : GROUND ZEROES], Snake’s state-of-the-art mission support data device [iDROID] is now an iPhone case!  (For iPhone 5 & 5s)

Made into an actual 1/1 scale case, the main body is represented by the elaborate details, giving it a realistic look just like what you see in the game.


Each part of the iDROID has numerous gimmicks, such as the power ON/OFF switch, volume control, adjustable LED light, sleep/wake switch, flip-open camera lens cover, detachable stylus pen, etc. Most of these gimmicks are actually linked with the functions on the iPhone.



■Catch Phrase

「The only device you need when taking on your “Everyday” missions. Good luck.」



1: ON/OFF Switch

  By pressing the topside ON/OFF button, you can Power/OFF or Sleep/Wake your iPhone.


2: Volume Control

  By pushing the stick on the side up & down, you can control the volume on your iPhone.


3: Camera Cover

 iDROID’s camera cover can be flipped open easily when using the camera on your iPhone.


4: Stylus Pen

  The antenna of the iDROID can be detached to and used as a Stylus pen to maneuver through your iPhone’s touchscreen.


5: LED Light

  By sliding the orange PTT switch on the side, the front lens of the iDROID lights up. The lens itself can be pointed in different directions.


6: Ring/Silent Switch

  The outer switch on the topside is used to switch the iPhone between Ring & Silent modes.

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