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Saint Cloth Myth EX Taurus Aldebaran - Saint Seiya

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- A golden buffalo exciting proud of impregnable defense, Gold Saint Taurus Aldebaran appearance of Taurus.

- Aldebaran of Taurus Gold Saint of Taurus appeared.
- In his arms folded for reproduction parts, arms folded pose that showed in the play can be reproduced. In addition, a wealth of parts hand parts such as various face parts, EX-series only comes with.
- I realize a wide range of motion of the EX body only.
- Cloth recombinant possible to form objects.
- Face parts of four will be included with the addition to the normal face, reproduce the various scenes.

- Set includes: body, Cloth set, object frame, parts bend angle, his arms folded for reproduction parts, replacement parts set expression, wrist replacement set, cloak

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