Mattel Barbie Signature Premium Lunar New Year Doll Designed By Guo Pei (HCB86)

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To celebrate the beauty and tradition of the Lunar New Year, this collectible Barbie Lunar New Year doll wears a festive creation from one of China’s most renowned couturiers, Guo Pei. For over 20 years, Guo Pei has created breathtaking creations that draw inspiration from her country’s rich cultural heritage. Barbie doll wears a traditional Chinese dress in resplendent red, symbolizing good fortune and abundance. Featuring Guo Pei’s signature embroidery detailing, the dress comes to life with symbolic golden phoenixes representing femininity and grace. Water and wave motifs, traditionally seen on the attire of royalty, symbolize wealth, nourishment and resilience. Striking phoenix-themed accessories complement her elegant look. With best wishes for the new year, may Barbie Lunar New Year doll and Guo Pei’s dazzling artistry bring joy to many holiday celebrations. Includes doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity. Colors and decorations may vary. Doll cannot stand alone.

  • Designer: Joyce Chen
  • Label: Gold
  • Facial Sculpt: Mari
  • Body Type: Tall

Designed by: Guo Pei

Facilitated by: Asian Couture Federation

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