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Hot Wheels Heritage 1:18 Scale Batmobile Tumbler Camouflage

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Hot Wheels Heritage 1:18 Scale Dark Knight Rises Batmobile Tumbler (Camouflage Version) 
Awesome high-quality Hot Wheels vehicle from The Dark Knight Rises! The Batman Dark Knight Rises Camo Tumbler Hot Wheels' Heritage Series vehicle boasts an incredible amount of precision detail at the 1:18 scale. Definitely a must-have for Batman fans!
Operating from within the sewers, Bane succeeds in tunneling through to Batman’s arsenal of weapons and vehicles. He commandeers several camouflage versions of the tumbler, using the vehicles to strengthen his League of Shadow thugs. When Gotham’s remaining police force finally mobilizes in the hopes of overwhelming the fewer-number thugs, Bane unleashes a handful of Tumbler which open fire on the police. 
Arriving in Gotham City with the remnants of the League of Shadows under his command, Bane develops a scheme to complete the work of Ra’s al Ghul. Defeating and debilitating an unprepared Batman, Bane traps the city’s cop population in a concrete tunnel. He publicly shatters the empowerment created by Harvey Dent’s martyrdom, revealing the latter’s descent into villainy, and prompts the remaining Gothamites to embrace chaos. Bane spares the life of the crippled Bruce Wayne to enable the latter to watch the fall of Gotham City. Bane is surprised when a healed, re-trained Batman reemerges. Bane’s superior strength provides him with the upper hand, however he loses his advantage when Batman damages the mask which provides Bane a constant supply of analgesic gas. As Bane retreats, momentarily stunned, his relationship to Miranda Tate and Ra’s al Ghul is revealed. 

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