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Merchandise Name: Master Grade SD Gundam Barbatos

Estimated Shipment: 4th Quarter 2023

Introducing the Gundam Barbatos from the groundbreaking "MGSD" series, a new dimension of SD High-End brand that combines the technology of MG (Master Grade) with the SD Gundam framework!

Standing at approximately 115mm tall, the SD-scale rendition of Gundam Barbatos faithfully captures the iconic "Gundam Frame" features. The head and neck can be articulated in four axes, allowing for various dynamic poses such as tilting the chin or looking up towards the sky.

The Barbatos is equipped with a wide range of motion achieved by incorporating movable axes within the torso, enabling swinging from left to right and forward and backward tilting. The movement of the chest is synchronized with the expansion and contraction of the side abdominal cylinders. The shoulder connection utilizes a swing mechanism, enhancing the range of motion for the arms. The cylinder on the elbow moves in tandem with the arm, providing synchronized articulation.

Featuring the unique MGSD original gimmick, pulling down the lower part of the shoulder armor activates the linked expansion of the central armor. The knee armor moves in conjunction with the bending of the legs, while the armor on the back of the knee can move independently without hindering the leg's motion.

The twin eyes are created using a double-layer structure, combining intricately detailed internal parts with clear parts for a stunning visual effect.

MGSD original clear parts with precision-shaped processing, designed to efficiently reflect light, are employed on the chest, knees, and shoulders, introducing a shining technique.

The Barbatos also utilizes the "Real Metallic Gloss Injection" material in glossy injection molding, enhancing the metallic sheen on the fine details.

The backpack allows for mounting a sword, a 300mm smoothbore gun, and a mace. The 300mm smoothbore gun can be transformed into a storage state by extending the barrel and rotating it 180 degrees.

The mace features an MGSD original gimmick where pushing the handle extends the tip and unfolds four blades in synchronized motion.

[Included Accessories]

  • Mace x 1
  • Sword x 1
  • 300mm Smoothbore Gun x 1
  • Joint Parts Set x 1
  • Marking Sticker Sheet x 1

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