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Bandai HGCE 1/144 Freedom Gundam Seed (57404)

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Bandai HGCE 1/144 Freedom Gundam Seed (57404)


- Standard armed accessories

In addition to laminate anti-beam shield of the Alps beam rifle that becomes the standard armament, such as Comes Rakeruta-beam saber.


- That full burst mode also reproduce!

Such as elbows and knees, various parts joint freely movable. Range of motion of the back is also widely, such as that full burst mode and high mat mode, also pause in the play freely reproducible! By a double joint of the elbow, knee, also reproducible operations such as the thigh up.


- Full burst mode

Reproduce the salvo form to deploy the weapon of each part.


- High mat mode

To reproduce the high-mobility air combat mode to deploy ten wing.


- Accessories: Alps beam rifle, laminate anti-beam shield, Rakeruta-beam saber × 2, weapons possession (left and right)

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