Bandai HG Huckebein MK-II (65091)

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The personal trooper Huckebein Mk-II from "Super Robot Wars OG," which was developed as a successor to the Huckebein, now joins the HG model-kit series from Bandai, loaded with abundant weapons! Movable gimmicks built into various places produce dynamic action; gimmicks mounted on the chest, abdomen and waist allow the waist to be twisted. The "Chakram Shooter" can be attached to the left arm, and attaching a lead wire to the chakram allows you to reproduce the wired injection state. Convincing action poses are possible thanks to a joint mechanism that's concious of the grounding of the legs, too! The massive "G Impact Cannon" can be deployed with various gimmicks and joints at the robot's waist, and the Photon Rifle and Beam Sword are also included.



Hand parts (x1 set)

Chakram Shooter

Replacement chakram

Beam Sword (x2)

G Impact Cannon

Photon Rifle


Lead wire

Display base

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